Bash script to take a directory of svgs and make them into a font for use with React Native


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Add the script to your package.json under scripts for example

"fonts": "svg-to-ttf --name test --svgs 'resources/font-src/*.svg' --config src/components/Icon/config.json --font resources/fonts",

--name || -n    The name of the font file that will be generated
--svgs || -s    The folder containing the svgs you want included in the font
--config || -c  The folder where the generated config will be output
--font || -f    The folder where the generated font will be output

Add any svgs you want to be used to the svgs folder you specified


Run either command depending on if you are using yarn or not

npm run fonts

yarn fonts

Utilizing Font With React

For example use the font file with react-native-vector-icons to create a React Component

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