Express server for Grudge


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Node server for @grudge/client

Postgres Database

  • For developing with the database locally
  • environment variables should be setup in order to connect or migrate
    • POSTGRES_USER="username"
    • POSTGRES_PASSWORD="password"
    • POSTGRES_DB="db name"
    • POSTGRES_PORT=5432
  • adminer is used in development to inspect the database
    • started when $ docker-compose up is ran
    • visit for the dashboard
    • use the creditials above to sign in
  • interaction with the database is done with knex
  • to migrate the database
    • $ npm run db:migrate
  • to rollback migrations
    • $ npm run db:rollback
  • to make a new migration
    • $ npm i knex -g
    • $ knex migrate:make migration_name

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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