Absolutely positioned loading overlay with spinner and numerous configurable options.


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  import LoadingBox from '@govuk-react/loading-box';

Use a LoadingBox to wrap components that can asyncronously load content.

When loading is set to true, a spinner will overlay the contents to give visual feedback to the user.


Prop Required Default Type Description
backgroundColor undefined string Background color (3 or 6 Hex char) of loading spinner overlay when loading is true.
backgroundColorOpacity undefined number Opacity of loading spinner backgroud colour when loading is true
children `````` ReactNode One or more children nodes that loading box will overlay
loading undefined boolean Whether loading is currently set to true or false
spinnerColor undefined string Color (3 or 6 Hex char) of loading spinner
timeIn undefined number Length of fade-in animation in milliseconds
timeOut undefined number Length of fade-out animation in milliseconds
title undefined string Loading spinner title text

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