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A customized version of bootstrap with customized for use with Go Nimbly projects and extended with new custom component styles.


✓ Subjectively better looking than bootstrap!
✓ Scoped version for inclusion in environments that already have css we don't want to override.
✓ Webpackable js or css
✓ Sourcemaps
✓ Only one file to include
✓ Font Awesome optional


yarn add @gonimbly/thumper


At the beginning of your project's main styles.css add:

@import '~@gonimbly/thumper/dist/thumper.css';

and in your app's entry point (e.g. index.js) add:

import './styles.css';

If you would like to use Font Awesome icons in your project then add the latest cdn link or install via npm.

Directory Layout

├── /bin/                       # Build scripts
├── /node_modules/              # 3rd-party libraries and utilities _generated_
├── /components/                # Documentation components
├── /deploy/                    # Deployment folder, _generated_
├── /dist/                      # Production build folder _generated_
├── /pages/                     # React.js-based Documentation pages/styles
│   ├── /examples/              # Documentation examples, can be mixed and matched into pages
│      ├── /img/                # Documentation example images
├── /public/                    # Development build folder _generated_
├── /src/                       # Thumper src files
├── /views/                     # Server-side views
│── app.js                      # The main Documentation JavaScript file (entry point)
│── server.js                   # Server configuration / settings
│── package.json                # Dev dependencies and NPM scripts

Getting Started with development

Just clone the repo, install Node.js modules and run npm start:

$ git clone git@bitbucket.org:gonimbly/thumper.git
$ npm install
$ npm start

App will open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.

How to Test

There are no tests, we should add some

How to Deploy

$ npm run deploy                # Deploys the project to https://nimbly-thumper.herokuapp.com/

Publishing a new version on NPM

npm version <major|minor|patch>
npm publish

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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