Basic javascript foundation written in ES6/2015 Vanilla JS.


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Base Javascript


Base JavaScript library for web projects.

  • features: Feature management system
  • utils: Various utilities
  • eventHub: Global event hub

Check out the docs for more information about all the included features.



The package is available on npm: @goldinteractive/js-base

After the installation has completed, you can import the complete base module or also just single modules:

// import complete library with all modules
import * as base from '@goldinteractive/js-base'

// import just the feature system module
import * as featureSystem from '@goldinteractive/js-base/src/features'

// import just certain modules by treeshaking
import { features, eventHub } from '@goldinteractive/js-base'

Browser compatibility

  • Newest two browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

NOTE: Internet Explorer is no longer supported.


  • make build - Build production version of the library.
  • make test - Run Jest unit tests.
  • make docs - Update documentation inside the docs folder.
  • make publish-docs - Deploy the docs branch.


ATTENTION: A published version cannot be unpublished from npm. Be careful!

Running the publish script will build the packages and publish the docs. The command uses yarn publish. It is therefore not necessary to update the package version manually.

Yarn will automatically commit the changes in package.json. So commit all your changes before you publish a new version.

make publish - Publish npm package.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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