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Swig plugin that allows for a super easy way to publish NPM modules.


npm install -D @gilt-tech/swig-publish

or, if you are really kool:

yarn add -D @gilt-tech/swig-publish


This plugin will add the task publish to the swig CLI.

Once you have it installed, you have to organize your modules codebase, like so:

 - src
   + moduleA
   - moduleB
 package.json // <-- where the swig package is installed

You can then ask swig to publish one of the modules with a simple command:

swig publish -m <module-name>

This will instruct swig to search inside the src folder for a module, which package.json property name matches the given module-name, and then publish the new version of it on NPM.

CLI options

--module <module-name>, -m <module-name> (required):

This one tells the publish plugin which module it has to process.

--beta (optional):

This will instruct the publish plugin to create a *-beta version of the module you want to publish, and publish it on the beta dist tag of NPM.

It also checks if there is an already published beta version with the same semver number, and if so, it asks the user if it should override it with a new beta version.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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