Lints front-end assets.


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Swig task that checks for possible issues in your code base.


Meant to be used via the Swig CLI, just run:

swig lint

You can also instruct the CSS linter to use a different engine (default is an ancient version of Lesshint), namely Stylelint, like so:

swig lint --use-stylelint

You can also instruct the linter to look at a specific source folder

swig lint --src /web/web-blah/target

In this case you shall provide the linter a .stylelintrc.yml file with the necessary Stylelint configuration.

By using Stylelint you can now also specify files to ignore (previously not possible), using the special .stylelintignore config file, which uses a .gitignore-like syntax.


  • Add more helpful information on the README (like list of JS/CSS rules) and how to override them.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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