Installs and organizes front-end assets.


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Meant to be used via the [Swig CLI][1], just run:

swig install

Swig install does an npm install on dependencies and then copies those dependencies to a public folder to be served by the app. The default 'public' directory for apps is /web/APP-NAME/public but you can also specify a target directory for public assets e.g. the usual Scala play public folder can be 'target' or 'main/resources' etc.

For example:

swig install --public ~Code/web/web-mosaic/target/public

If you're fixing IE11 issues locally you may want to use the --transpile flag during swig install. It adds a final step that transpiles all JS once it's finished installing to /public/js. It's not needed on canary etc because the minification step takes care of it.


swig install --transpile

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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