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Marketplace Template

Role Name Email Slack
Product Owner Frances Haugen frances@gigster.com @frances
Maintainer Casey Barbello casey@gigster.com @casey


The template-starter initializes a basic template for you to use to customize your project. The base image is a simple splash page pulled from a public Google Container Registry (GCR). You may have to first run gcloud auth configure-docker to configure Docker to pull from GCR. Refer to Google's documentation for more help.


Add your project configurations to the gig.yaml file in the config directory. Then run gig generate to generate your project.

What's Generated

Name Description
./config/gig.yaml Used to configure your generated project.
./config/.gitignore Ignores the .work directory that we temporarily use during generation.
./deploy Contains your generated deployment files.
Dockerfile Simple Dockerfile that builds an example base image of a splash page.

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