Bootstrap Library built with AngularJS for the Beyond Platform


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This package is written to extend the ng-js-beyond-js project The package is written in ES6 compiled into ES5 via Webpack with Babel.


Check out the code from git

$ git clone git@github.com:getbeyond/ng-js-beyond-bootstrap.git

Install dependencies

$ npm install


Command Results
gulp Clean & Build
gulp clean Delete the dist/ directory
gulp build Rebuild files into dist/
gulp test Run unit tests with coverage reporting
gulp test:tdd Run unit tests continuously with coverage reporting
gulp bump Bump build number in package.json. Ex v1.0.x
gulp bump:minor Bump minor number in package.json. Ex v1.x.0. Resets build number
gulp bump:major Bump major number in package.json. Ex vx.0.0. Resets build and minor numbers

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