Styles library built with AngularJS+Material for the Beyond Platform


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Beyond CSS

Project for building styles on the Beyond framework and compiling beyond-css for distribution.


First step after you clone the repository is to install the dependencies. You will need Node & NPM installed to continue.

$ npm install


Command Results
gulp Clean & Build
gulp clean Delete the contents of the .tmp/ & dist/ directories
gulp serve Launches dev version of the app with live refresh as changes are made (Preferred: See gulp test:tdd)
gulp build Rebuild files into dist/


The nature of the new platform is to allow for customizable themes easily. For this reason, there is a theme.scss file located in the /client/app directory.

This provides the basic mapping for overrides to properly color an app to the designated theme.

This file should be copy/pasted into apps to provide the overrides.

NOTE: If you are working with CSS and not SCSS, you'll need to manually replace the variables.

Angular Material and Flexbox Help

We have chosen to use Angular Material as our framework of choice.

Here are some good articles on how to use the Flexbox.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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