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Gents Agency Gulp Registry

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This task registry provides a modern front-end workflow with modern tools and standards in mind. It's meant to be consumed by Gulp 4.


Install the registry through NPM:

npm i --save-dev gulp@^4.0.0 @gentsagency/gulp-registry

Create a gulpfile.js and point it to the registry.

const gulp = require('gulp');
const config = require('./gulp/config');
const Registry = require('@gentsagency/gulp-registry');

const tasks = new Registry(config);



Find an example configuration file below

const buildPath = './public/assets';
const sourcePath = './gulp/assets';

module.exports = {
  css: {
    src: `${sourcePath}/css/*.css`,
    dest: `${buildPath}/css`,
    watch: [
  favicons: {
    src: {
      png: `${sourcePath}/favicons/favicon.png`,
      svg: `${sourcePath}/favicons/favicon.svg`,
    dest: `${buildPath}/favicons`,
  icons: {
    src: `${sourcePath}/icons/*.svg`,
    dest: `${buildPath}/icons`,
    filename: 'icons.svg',
  images: {
    src: `${sourcePath}/images/**`,
    dest: `${buildPath}/images`,
  js: {
    src: `${sourcePath}/js/*.js`,
    dest: `${buildPath}/js`,
    watch: [


$ gulp runs a one-time build.

$ gulp watch starts the watcher.

Some tasks aren't added to the default task and have to be run explicitely.
You can do so by running gulp ${taskname}, for example: $ gulp favicons.

Default tasks

Some tasks are registered by default:

Extending the registry

Adding a custom task is straight-forward:

tasks.set('my-task', myTask());

You can pass two options:

tasks.set('my-task', myTask(), { default: true, watch: 'glob' })
  • default (default: true) - if the task should run when gulp or gulp default is run
  • watch (mixed: string or array of strings) - glob (or array of globs) to watch for changes when gulp watch is run


The favicons task doesn't work

Make sure you have graphicsmagick or imagemagick installed.

brew install graphicsmagick

Upgrading to Gulp 4 broke things for me!

Re-install Gulp globally, your older projects should still work (using the Gulp 3 version installed in the projects /node_modules)

npm rm -g gulp
rm /usr/local/share/man/man1/gulp.1
npm i -g gulp-cli

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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