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Create Static Site

Create a static site using the Gents Agency workflow.


When you have npm >= 6 on your system, you can run

$ npm init @gentsagency/static-site my-site

or if you have npm >= 5 on your system, you can run

$ npx @gentsagency/create-static-site my-site

This will output:

šŸ‘‹ Creating a new static website in ~/Sites/my-site

šŸ“„ Installing dependencies & moving files around
ā˜•ļø This might take a while

šŸŒ± All set! Let's get you started:

    cd ~/Sites/demo-project
    gulp watch

šŸ¤ž Good luck, have fun!

And you're good to go.

It will install a gulp workflow, create all necessary files & folders and configure both eslint and stylelint.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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