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This library has tiny bit of useful code, plus a util for setting up a typescript project with some common useful settings including ts-node, tslint and jest.

Getting Started

In empty project directory.

npm init
# fill in details asked (defaults will do)
npm i @geeebe/common
npx geeebe init

This will do the following for your project

  • create .editorconfig, .gitignore and .npmignore
  • install typescript and ts-node
  • install and configure tslint
  • install jest with ts-jest and create a starter config
  • install and configure nodemon

To get started, write some typescript code in src/index.ts and run it.

To run, either use:

  • npm start to run one-off using ts-node
  • npm run watch to run and watch for changes using nodemon and ts-node
  • npm run build to build output to dist/ using tsc

Also useful:

  • npm test to run jest tests in the test/ directory (looking for *.test.ts files)
  • npm run lint to run tslint

Included Code

Not too much here...

HTTP response status

import { Statuses } from '@geeebe/common';

// ...

if (status === Statuses.NOT_FOUND) {} // 404

Some simple functions for time and duration

import { Time } from '@geeebe/common';

const fiveMinutes = Time.minutes(5); // 5 min in ms = 5 * 60 * 1000
const sevenHours = Time.hours(7); // 7 hours in ms
const someTime = Time.days(2) + Time.hours(3) + Time.seconds(2);

// and then
const hours = Time.toHours(sevenHours);
// etc

// also
const fourHoursAgo = Time.past(Time.hours(4)); // Date() of 4 hours ago
const future = Time.future(Time.seconds(45)); // or in the future


  • ms(ms: number): Duration
  • seconds(s: number): Duration
  • minutes(m: number): Duration
  • hours(h: number): Duration
  • days(d: number): Duration
  • toMs(d: Duration): number
  • toSeconds(d: Duration): number
  • toMinutes(d: Duration): number
  • toHours(d: Duration): number
  • toDays(d: Duration): number
  • past(interval: Duration): Date
  • future(interval: Duration): Date


  • SECOND = 1000
  • MINUTE = 60 * Time.SECOND
  • HOUR = 60 * Time.MINUTE
  • DAY = 24 * Time.HOUR

Async sleep function

await sleep(Time.seconds(45));

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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