Gabliam is on top of inversify


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Gabliam core

Gabliam is on top of inversify. Gabliam help you for register all class in inversify. Gabilliam is modular with plugins.

Gabliam phase

Build phase

  1. Load all config file
  2. Load all file in scanPath of main
    • All decorators on class add metadata and can register this class
    • if an class has @scanPath, add this folder in queue for load
    • load all plugin
  3. Bind classes in DI (inversify)
    • call all plugin.bind
  4. load all config classes (order: CoreConfig => PluginConfig => config)
    • call all plugin.config for all instance of config class
  5. Build
    • call all plugin.build

Start phase

/!\ Build phase must be passed

  1. call all plugin.start

Stop phase

/!\ Build and start phases must be passed

  1. call all plugin.start

Detroy phase

/!\ Stop phase must be passed

  1. call all plugin.detroy


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