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We all use a lot of open source projects. Really often we don't even know who is responsible for all the well done projects. You want to see who to thank for hard work?

Use credits and find out on whose work your projects are based on.


$ npm i --save credits

Basic usage

credits will check node_modules, bower_components, and jspm_packages to evaluate the Author and Maintainers of the installed dependencies included in the set path.

In case you want to use it over the command line, there is also credits-cli.

credits( path )

Description : Evaluate persons responsible for your dependencies.

credits returns a Promise which will be resolved with an Array containing a lot of great people. The Array will be sorted according to the numbers of projects they are working on.

var credits    = require( 'credits' );
var creditPath = '/Users/you/your-awesome-project';

 * @param {String} creditPath path to the project you want to analyze
 * @return {Promise}
credits( creditPath )
  .then( function( credits ) {
    console.log( credits );
  } )
  .catch( function( error ) {
    console.log( error );

    process.exit( 1 );
  } );

  Will print:
      [ { name     : 'Some person',
          email    : 'some@email.io',
          packages : [ 'package1', 'package2', 'package3', 'package4', 'package5'] },
        { name     : 'Some other great person',
          email    : 'someOther@email.io',
          packages : [ 'package6', 'package7', 'package8' ] },
    jspm: [...],
    bower: [...]

I want to thank all these people for their great work!!!


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jayson Harshbarger

📖 💻

Radimir Bitsov

📖 💻

Allain Lalonde


Andrew Goode


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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