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WebSocket implementation for FuryStack

Usage example

You can initialize the WebSocket package in the following way

const myInjector = new Injector()
    path: '/api/sockets',
    actions: [WhoAmI],

Implement your own actions

You can implement a WebSocket action in the following way:

import { User } from '@furystack/core'
import { HttpUserContext } from '@furystack/http-api'
import { Injectable } from '@furystack/inject'
import { Data } from 'ws'
import * as ws from 'ws'
import { IWebSocketAction } from '../models/IWebSocketAction'

@Injectable({ lifetime: 'transient' })
export class WhoAmI implements WebSocketAction {
  public dispose() {
    /** */
  public static canExecute(data: Data): boolean {
    return data.toString() === 'whoami' || data.toString() === 'whoami /claims'

  public async execute() {
    const currentUser = await this.httpUserContext.getCurrentUser()

  constructor(private httpUserContext: HttpUserContext<User>, private websocket: ws) {}

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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