Promise wrapper for XHR


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Simple Promise wrapper for XHR

request.request(url, options)


  • method : GET | POST | ...
  • data : post body
  • form : form element to POST
  • headers: {}
  • query:

If form is provided, it will override data, and a FormData instance will be constructed with it.

If provided, data will be encoded according to the 'Content-Type' header. If it is 'application/json', then data will be JSON encoded. Otherwise, URL encoding will be applied.

request.defaultHeaders = {}

Any values added to this Object will be set as Headers on all requests.


A hook to allow a callable to inspect and modify headers before each request.

request.json(url, options)

Automatically decodes successful responses from JSON.

request.rpc(url, method, data)

Sets 'Content-Type' as 'application/json', passes method in a 'X-RPC-Action' header, and JSON decodes the response.


All errors are raised using this class.


  • message: the Method and URL of the request
  • errorType: one of 'error', 'timeout', or 'abort'
  • xhr : the XMLHttpRequest instance

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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