Share utilities for the Frontity platform.


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Share utilities for the :fast_forward: Frontity platform.

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Install @frontity/share using npm:

npm install @frontity/share

Then, import and use it in your mobx-state-tree store:

import { types } from 'mobx-state-tree';
import Share from '@frontity/share';

const myStore = types.model('MyStore')
    share: types.optional(Share, {}),


await myStore.share.facebook.requestCount({ type: 'post', id: 60 });

// Returns the share count of the item with type 'post' and id '60'.
myStore.share.facebook.count({ type: 'post', id: 60 });

// Returns the url for sharing the link of the item with type 'post' and id '60'.
myStore.share.facebook.url({ type: 'post', id: 60 });



  • share.networks - Returns the list of all supported networks.



Permitted values for network are all, facebook, googlePlus and pinterest.

  • share[network].count({ type, id })
  • share[network].requestCount({ type, id })


  • share.facebook.url({ type, id, quote, hashtag })
  • share.googlePlus.url({ type, id })
  • share.linkedin.url({ type, id, title, summary })
  • share.twitter.url({ type, id, text, via, hashtags })
  • share.whatsapp.url({ type, id, text })
  • share.telegram.url({ type, id, text })
  • share.email.url({ type, id, subject, body })
  • share.pinterest.url({ type, id, media, description })


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