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Monorepos without the hassle.

🚧 Danger: unstable hobby project 🚧

Freighter scaffolds and manages monorepo configurations. Here's what you get right out of the box:


Requirements: you've already got yarn and git installed.


$ yarn global add @freighter/cli

Now you should have a new freighter command in the terminal. Try out the init command:

$ freighter init new-project

In about 15-30 seconds, you should have yourself a fancy, batteries-included monorepo :tada:

Here are the scripts you'll probably find useful:

  • yarn lint runs ESLint on all the packages
  • yarn test runs every test in the monorepo
  • yarn flow type checks everything
  • yarn ci run all 3 in CI mode



I built Freighter because it can take days to configure all the tooling that makes monorepos so enjoyable. I don't want to spend days. Frankly, I'd rather be building apps. So if Freighter ends up being more work than it's worth, I'll abandon it.

:dragon: You've been warned.

Why the name?

Because freighters ship containers. npm packages are kinda like containers. Therefore, monorepos are freighters. #science

Accelerating the project

If you like the idea of Freighter, give it a star :star:

It'll help me gauge interest in the project.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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