Official React component for Font Awesome 5


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Official Javascript Component



Font Awesome 5 React component using SVG with JS


Official documentation is hosted at fontawesome.com:

Check it out here

How to Help

Review the following docs before diving in:

And then:

  1. Check the existing issue and see if you can help!


The following contributors have either helped to start this project, have contributed code, are actively maintaining it (including documentation), or in other ways being awesome contributors to this project. We'd like to take a moment to recognize them.

Name GitHub
Nate Radebaugh @NateRadebaugh
Kirk Ross @kirkbross
Prateek Goel @prateekgoel
Naor Torgeman @naortor
Matthew Hand @mmhand123
calvinf @calvinf
Bill Parrott @chimericdream
Mike Lynch @baelec
Lukáš Rod @rodlukas
Proudust @proudust
Tiago Sousa @TiagoPortfolio

If we've missed someone (which is quite likely) submit a Pull Request to us and we'll get it resolved.

The Font Awesome team:

Name GitHub
Travis Chase @supercodepoet
Rob Madole @robmadole
Mike Wilkerson @mlwilkerson
Brian Talbot @talbs
Brian Talbot @talbs
Jason Lundien @jasonlundien

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