Localization tools for FontoXML.


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The Development tools for FontoXML can support a developer when configuring a FontoXML editor. This module contains commands for adding localization support to a FontoXML editor.


This module is part of the FontoXML development tools and is not meant to be used separately. To install the FontoXML development tools, run the following command:

npm i -g @fontoxml/fontoxml-development-tools

Usage examples

fdt localization extract [<output>] [--paths <package1> [<package2> ...]]

Extract messages from packages and save them in a message bundle template.

fdt localization merge [<output>] --bundles <bundle1> <bundle2> [<bundle3> ...]

Merge multiple message bundles into a single bundle.

fdt localization update <input> <template> [--output-to-stdout]

Update message bundle with a new template bundle.

fdt localization messages <bundle> [--search-in <search text>] [--search-out <search text>] [--search-package <search text>] [--search-file <search text>] [--with-conflicts] [--without-conflicts] [--with-out] [--without-out] [--no-table]

Output a table with information about all messages in a message (template) bundle.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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