Provides components and functions to make i18n routing React apps with ease.


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🌐 Missing i18n components and functions to bridge react-router and react-intl

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🎩 Features

  • 🔗 Bridge between React-Router and React-Intl
  • 💡 Built-in i18n routing strategies
  • 🎛️ Multiple state handling strategies
  • 🚀 1 minute config

🤔 Why

There are robust solutions that they have become in standard solutions to usual problems in React ecosystem such as internalization with React-Intl and routing with React-Router. There are awesome libraries that they make our life more easy building apps but, what happens when we need to combine two parts in our projects? In this case we think that some other library is needed to join the routing and i18n systems so, we have created the ReactI18nRouting.

This library aims to provide all the needed to make the internationalization of the routes as easy as possible. We truly trust in the Single Responsibility Pattern so, we have designed the library following the UNIX popular concept:
DOTADIW, or "Do One Thing and Do It Well".

📟 Install

The recommended and the most suitable way to install is through Yarn.

$ yarn add @foes/react-i18n-routing

Or alternatively, through NPM.

$ npm install --save @foes/react-i18n-routing

📓 Documentation

All the documentation is stored in the docs folder.

Show me the docs!

💪 Contributing

This library follows the modern JavaScript coding standards, so pull requests need to pass the ESLint and Prettier. This task can be very boring but, in the package.json there are some useful npm-scripts that becomes this process simpler and faster.

$ yarn cs           # or npm run cs

There is also a policy for contributing to this library. Pull requests must be explained step by step to make the review process easy in order to accept and merge them. New methods or code improvements must come paired with tests. We are using Jest test framework for that purpose.

$ yarn test         # or npm test

👪 Credits

This library is created and maintained by:

@benatespina - benatespina@gmail.com
@gorkalaucirica - gorka.lauzirika@gmail.com
@mktoast - mikeltuesta@gmail.com

📜 Licensing Options


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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