A flexible CSharp to TypeScript generator that is Gulp, Webpack and Grunt friendly, written in TypeScript.


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A flexible CSharp to TypeScript generator that is Gulp, Webpack and Grunt friendly, written in TypeScript.

Uses the following library for parsing C# code from TypeScript: https://github.com/ffMathy/FluffySpoon.JavaScript.CSharpParser

Wrappers for build runners


To see all available settings, look at the configuration options here.

Usage examples

These recipes help you quickly get started with common scenarios you may need. Feel free to contribute with your own!

The following code shows general usage. The examples below only differ in the EmitOptions provided.

import { Emitter } from '@fluffy-spoon/csharp-to-typescript-generator';

var csharpCode = "insert the CSharp model code here - you could also read it from a file.";
var emitter = new Emitter(csharpCode);
var options = <EmitOptions>{ 
  defaults: <DefaultEmitOptions>{ },
  file: <FileEmitOptions>{ }
var typescriptCode = emitter.emitFile(options);

Default settings

var typescriptCode = emitter.emit();

Given the following CSharp model code:

namespace MyNamespace {
  public class MyClass {
    public bool myField;
    public int MyProperty { get; set; }
    public string MyOtherProperty { get; set; }
    public double? MyNullableProperty { get; set; }
    public class MySubclass {
      public List<string> MyListProperty { get; set; }
      public MyGenericType<SomeType, SomeOtherType> MyGenericProperty { get; set; }
      public Task MyFunction(string input1, int input2) { 
        //some code

The following TypeScript code would be generated:

declare namespace MyNamespace {
  interface MyClass {
    myField: boolean;
    myProperty: number;
    myOtherProperty: string;
    myNullableProperty?: number;
  namespace MyClass {
    interface MySubclass {
      myListProperty: string[];
      myGenericProperty: MyGenericType<SomeType, SomeOtherType>;
      MyFunction(input1: string, input2: number): Promise;

But this framework is flexible! Look at the recipes to get inspiration, or the other configurations available.

Recipes for frameworks & libraries

To see pre-made examples designed for frameworks like Angular and ASP .NET Core (for instance for auto-generating HTTP clients for each controller action), go see the framework recipes here.

Other recipes

To see all other examples for common use cases, go see the other recipes here.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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