A node utility for merging apidoc service objects


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A node utility for merging apidoc service objects.


npm install --save @flowio/lib-apidoc-merge-services


const apiJson = require('./api.json');
const apiInternalJson = require('./api-internal.json');
const mergeServices = require('@flowio/lib-apidoc-merge-services');

const result = mergeServices(apiJson, apiInternalJson);

Api Reference

mergeServices(...services): Object

Returns a new object with enums, models, resources, and unions from all specified service objects merged.

The first service is considered the base service. Other attributes, not documented above, will be picked from the base service. For example, the final service name will be the base service name.

An error is thrown whenever merged attributes conflict with each other. For example, if two services described the same model, then an error is thrown with the name of the conflicting models.

Invariant Error: CONFLICT found in API version 0.0.3
The following models are duplicated: user, account.



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