## How to use: 1. Just use `npm install --save @flockos/vue-components` 2. Use the components in your file directly.


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Flock Components for VueJS

Installation and Usage:

  1. Just use npm install --save @flockos/vue-components
  2. Now you can include the scripts by using following snippet: ``` import Components from '@flockos/vue-components';

// Global registration in your main.js/App.vue file Object.entries(Components).forEach((name, component) => { Vue.component(name, component); });

## Demo
Check out the demo here: https://codesandbox.io/s/n9n7yy2lwp

## List of components:
All components are registered with the Vue global and are available for use. You do not need to re-register them.

### **Event Bus**
You can use the Flock Component's own event bus to pass data around. 
#### Events:

`focusChanged`: Whenever the document is clicked, this event is fired. The only parameter is `element` which was clicked.

import { eventBus } from '@flockos/vue-components';

eventBus.$on('focusChanged', (element) => {
    // Do a few things if focus changes.

More events will be supported as needed.

Flock Button


<flock-button type="primary">Submit</flock-button>


click: Emits the click event when clicked.


styles: Custom styles for your button.

shape: Default is default. Options are default and flat. Flat means that there's no hover state.

size: Size of the button. Possible values: full, half & auto. Default is auto.

small: Reduce padding and makes a smaller styled button. Default is false.

loading: To show asynchronous operations, a loader circle shows up whenever this is set to true.

disabled: Disables the button and applies an opacity to it.

type: The style of the button. Possible values are primary, secondary & destructive. Default is primary.

invert: Replaces the color & background with each other.

Flock Radio


    label="Is this the value!"
    label="Or is this the value!"

Flock Select




change: Whenever the FlockSelect changes value, this event is fired with the new value as a parameter.


open: Initial state of the FlockSelect dropdown.

options: Array of options. Every option needs to be in the { label: 'Some Visible Text', value: String|Object|Number } format.

width: The width of the FlockSelect component, if it needs to be constant.

v-model: The value that will dynamically change just like normal models in Vue.js.

Flock Modal


<FlockModal @close="showModal = false" v-if="showModal" title="Settings">
    List of devices!


close: Fired whenever the modal is closed. User has to handle the close themselves using a v-if.


closeOnBgClick: When set to true, the modal will automatically emit the close event whenever the background is clicked.

background: This sets the backdrop of th modal. Default is none.

title: The title of the Modal.

Flock Banner


    This is a banner.


position: Position of the toast. Can be either top or bottom. Default is bottom.

styles: A styles object to customize background, color etc. of your banner. By default, the banner will occupy 100% of the total width of the page.

Flock Toast


<FlockToast v-if="showToast" @toasthidden="doSomething">
    Let's make a toast!


toasthidden: Gets triggered when the toast is hidden, automatically or manually.


time: The time duration of the toast in milliseconds. Default duration is 5000ms.

position: Position of the toast. Can be either top or bottom. Default is bottom.

styles: A styles object to customize background and color of your toast.


You need to control the visibility of the toast by supplying a v-if conditional. TODO: Make Toast better so that a user can directly use it like: eventBus.showToast(Some Text, 4000)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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