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The Flatfile Component - @flatfile/react

We've made it really simple for you to get started with Flatfile with our new Flatfile Component. Here's what you'll need to know to get started.

Getting started with Embed

First, create an Embed in the Flatfile dashboard. Next, install the dependency via npm:

npm install @flatfile/react --save

The FlatfileButton usage

import { FlatfileButton } from '@flatfile/react'

  onInit={({ batchId }) => console.log(`Flatfile importer is launched with batchId: ${batchId}`)}
  onComplete={async (payload) => {
    const SAMPLE_DATA = true
    console.log(JSON.stringify(await payload.data(SAMPLE_DATA), null, 4))
  onError={(err) => console.error(err)}

Getting started with Portal

Important note: While the below info is a basic way to get up and running, we recommend reading the developer docs → https://flatfile.io/developers/react/getting-started

First, install the dependency via npm:

npm install @flatfile/react@^0 --save

This will give you access to the <FlatfileButton /> component as well as the same basic functionality as our Adapter.

The FlatfileButton usage

import { FlatfileButton } from '@flatfile/react'

FlatfileButton Props Info Example
settings - This is where you will pass your Flatfile settings/options. **Required. **
type: "Customers", fields: [
{key: "name", label: "Name"}, {key: "email", label: "Email"}
customer - Refers to the setCustomer function. Required.
object - CustomerObject
usedId: "1234",
companyId: "12",
companyName: "ABC",
email: "john@doe.com",
name: "John Doe"
licenseKey - Your Flatfile license key can be found in your dashboard when you login here. Required.
onCancel - An optional callback for handling a user cancelling. Optional.
function - callback
onCancel={() => { // do something }}
onInteractionEvent - An optional way to use registerInteractionEventCallback to receive user interaction events. By default, the onInteractionEvent function will be called every 5 seconds, as long as there is user activity inside of Flatfile Portal. Optional.
onInteractionEvent={({mousemove, mousedown, keydown}) => // do something}
onData- An optional way to use FlatfileResults to return a new Promise. Optional.
onData={async results => // do something}
onRecordChange- An optional way to use registerRecordHook when a record changes. Optional.
onRecordChange={(data, index) => IDataHookResponse | Promise<IDataHookResponse>}
onRecordInit- An optional way to use registerRecordHook on initialization. Optional.
onRecordInit={(data, index) => IDataHookResponse | Promise<IDataHookResponse>}
fieldHooks- An optional way to pass in one or more callback functions to use with registerFieldHook. Optional.
object function(s) - callback(s)
fieldName: (values) => { return // [IDataHookRecord, index][]}
render- An optional way to pass in your own elements to render inside the FlatfileButton Component. Optional.
(FlatfileImporter, launch) => return ReactElement}
preload- An optional flag that can be set to false to delay loading the importer until the button is clicked. Useful in situations where there is more than one <FlatfileButton/> instance on a single page or minimizing page load size is important. Default is true. Optional.

Try our example in CodeSandbox.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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