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ESLint configuration & ruleset for Javascript (ES6) + React.


In order to add eslint-config-fiverr to a repository, use npm to add it to the development dependencies.

npm i -D @fiverr/eslint-config-fiverr eslint-plugin-react


Add a .eslintrc file in the main directory of your repository, in which you define the usage of eslint-config-fiverr as well as repository specific configuration & rules.

This is the basic structure:

    "extends": "@fiverr/fiverr",
    "globals": {},
    "rules": {}

Include some:

    "extends": [

Included in @fiverr/fiverr:

  • base: Just the set of rules
  • es6: New ES support and rules
  • react: React specific rules and eslint-plugin-react plugin

Need to be added explicitly:

  • jest
  • mocha
  • globals - add any global variable that is used in your repository. Example: "React": true
  • rules - add any rule you need in addition to eslint-config-fiverr, or if you want to override some of it's rules.

IDE integration

Configuring your IDE to use ESLint is fairly easy:

  1. Open settings by clicking cmd + ,
  2. Languages & Frameworks > Javascript > Code Quality Tools > ESLint
  3. Check the 'Enable' checkbox
  4. Under 'Node Interpeter' type the path to the NodeJS executable file (rubymine usually auto-detects it)
  5. Under 'Configuration File' check the option 'Search for .eslitrc'.
  6. Click OK

You can use either of these plugins:

  1. SublimeLinter-eslint

  2. Build Next



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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