## How to use: 1. Just use `yarn add @fishtripr/fishtripr-ui -S` 2. Use the components in your file directly.


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Fishtripr Components for Vue.js

Installation and Usage:

  1. yarn add @fishtripr/fishtripr-ui
  2. require/import the package require('@fishtripr/fishtripr-ui') or import '@fishtripr/fishtripr-ui'
  3. For Nuxt, add the package to nuxt.config.js
    build: {
      vendor: ['@fishtripr/fishtripr-ui']

List of components:

All components are registered with the Vue global and are available for use. You do not need to re-register them.

Event Bus

You can use the Fishtripr Component's own event bus to pass data around.

List of events supported:


Parameters: Element which was clicked


import {eventBus} from '@fishtripr/fishtripr-ui';

eventBus.$on('focusChanged', (element) => {
  // Do a few things if focus changes your element.

More events will be supported as needed.

Fishtripr Radio


  <fly-form-label slot='label'>
    Who will be travelling ?
  <fly-radio-group v-model='travellers'>
    <fly-radio label='alone'></fly-radio>
    <fly-radio label='couple'></fly-radio>
    <fly-radio label='family'></fly-radio>
    <fly-radio label='friends'></fly-radio>
    <fly-radio label='group'></fly-radio>

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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