A package for a generic Service Provider using JWT


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FIRST LEGO League Authentication & Authorization

Authentication and Authorization library using the Identity Provider module based on the FIRST LEGO League TMS Module Standard.


The package has several routers for different tasks.


Meant only to identify the user. If the user has no identification, it redirects them to the Identity Provider service:

const Router = require('router')
const { authenticationMiddleware } = require('@first-lego-league/ms-auth')

const router = new Router()

If you want a development version, which will not send you to the IdP, use:

const Router = require('router')
const { authenticationDevMiddleware } = require('@first-lego-league/ms-auth')

const router = new Router()

Where the username is the identification of the user, no matter what.


Meant to define which roles can access each route:

const Router = require('router')
const { authorizationMiddleware } = require('@first-lego-league/ms-auth')

const router = new Router()
router.use('some_route', authorizationMiddleware(['roles', 'that', 'can', 'use', 'this', 'route']))


To contribute to this repository, simply create a PR and set one of the Code Owners to be a reviewer. Please notice the linting and UT, because they block merge. Keep the package lightweight and easy to use. Thank you for contributing!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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