A Display module for the big screen in FIRST LEGO League competitions.


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A Display module for the big screen in FIRST LEGO League competitions.


There are several things that tournament officials would like to appear on their big screen:

  • A Rankings Table
  • A Match Timer
  • Logos of sponsors
  • Competition Title & Logos This module is meant to display these to the teams in an eye-pleasing manner, which is informative and intuitive, with data that updates at real-time.

Future additions:

  • Up next
  • Camera feed

Techincal details

This module is a web module (see the Module Standard). It runs on react-js.


  1. Fork this repository or create your own branch here
  2. make some changes
  3. create a Pull Request
  4. Wait for a CR from the code owner
  5. make sure everything is well
  6. merge

To run in development

  • Run yarn install first
  • Run yarn mhub to start mhub with the correct configuration which sits in dev/mhub.config.json
  • Run yarn start to run the webpack-dev-server

To Publish to NPM

To publish the package run command yarn publish.

A few things to notice while developing:

  • Use yarn not npm
  • Follow javascript standard as described here
  • Keep the service lightweight
  • Follow the API of the other modules.
  • Be creative and have fun

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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