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Web based application showing the FLL match timer. Works in the latest versions of chrome, firefox and internet explorer

Mhub events

The clock creates to the following mhub messages (on the protected node)

Topic Fired On Data
clock:start Fired when the countdown is starting to run
clock:stop Fired when a countdown have stop in the middle
clock:end Fired at the end of the countdown
clock:reload Fired when the clock is reset the time
clock:time Fired each second during the countdown Seconds to end of the countdown

Using the Clock API

In order to use the API, you first need to get an authenticity token. You can get this by sending an authentication request to the Identity Provider module (AKA IdP). It runs on the server computer, typically listening on port 2030.

Send a request: POST idp-endpoint/login?callbackUrl=url with the body { username: admin, password: your-admin-password }

You will receive a 304 Redirect with set-cookie header that contains the auth token. You can use that. Once you have the authenticity token, you send it as a header in each request you make.

The timer API has four actions:

  • POST timer-endpoint/action/start - will start the timer, only if it isn't running already. If the timer is running it will return 400 Bad Request.
  • POST timer-endpoint/action/stop - will stop the timer, only if it's running. If the timer isn't running it will return 400 Bad Request.
  • POST timer-endpoint/action/reload- will set the timer back to 2:30, only if it's done running. If the timer isn't done running it will return 400 Bad Request.

Publishing to NPM

When you want to publish to npm, run the command yarn publish. First you will be asked to enter a new version to publish. Following that the build script will run the packing stage (prepack).

Note: Publish from a version branch (e.g. v2.2.3) so that you can do a PR.

$ yarn publish
yarn publish v1.12.1
[1/4] Bumping version...
info Current version: 2.2.2
question New version: 2.2.3
info New version: 2.2.3
[2/4] Logging in...
[3/4] Publishing...
$ webpack --mode production --config webpack.prod.js
success Published.
[4/4] Revoking token...
info Not revoking login token, specified via config file.
Done in 140.79s.

Adding new version to the launcher

To include your update in the launcher build, update the clock version in launcher/dev-scripts/config-get.js.

Warning: Warning:
Prior to version 1.9.0, Yarn has a bug with using the .npmignore file correctly. Therefore make sure your Yarn version is 1.9.0 or later. If not, either upgrade your yarn or use the command npm publish instead.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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