Help functions for JavaScript arrays


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JavaScript Array Utils

Help functions for JavaScript Arrays


This package might be a mess and be broken from time to time. Will try to make it stable but no guarantees.


npm install @fippli/array-utils


yarn add @fippli/array-utils

How to use


Sorts array with objects.

Arguments Description Example
Object array Array with javascript objects [{name: "Optimus prime", type: "Transformer"}, {name: "Batman", type: "Superhero"}, {name: "Magikarp", type: "Pokémon"}]
Key Object key that the array should be sorted on "name"
Reverse Boolean indicating if the sorted order should be reversed true


const characters = [
    {name: "Optimus prime", type: "Transformer"}, 
    {name: "Batman", type: "Superhero"}, 
    {name: "Magikarp", type: "Pokémon"} 

sortObjectArray( characters, "name", false );
// Returns:
// [{name: "Batman", type: "Superhero"}, 
//  {name: "Magikarp", type: "Pokémon"} 
//  {name: "Optimus prime", type: "Transformer"}]

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