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AngularJS wrapper for Material Design Components Web

Demos - automatically updated with every release

Archival Notice

FinTech Studios is phasing out our usage of this library as we transition our app from AngularJS to Angular. This repo will be archived when our transition is further along. May it rest easily with AngularJS.


This package aims to wrap core MDC functionality in AngularJS components with the primary goal of being an easy and suitable replacement for angular-material.



npm install

Commands Available

  • npm run build - build a development ready version in dist/
  • npm run serve - build a development version to memory, demos available at localhost:8080
  • npm run build:min - build a production-ready version in dist/
  • npm run build:demos - just build the demo css into /demos/assets/


  • npm run test - run auto-refreshing unit tests against source
  • npm run test:ci - single-run unit tests against minified distributable


Component Status Module
button :white_check_mark: mdc.button
card :white_check_mark: SCSS & CSS only
chip :x:
checkbox :white_check_mark: mdc.checkbox
dialog :white_check_mark: mdc.dialog
drawer :x:
elevation :white_check_mark: SCSS & CSS only
fab :x:
form-field :white_check_mark: mdc.form-field
grid-list :white_check_mark: mdc.grid-list
icon :white_check_mark: mdc.icon
icon-toggle :white_check_mark: mdc.icon-toggle
linear-progress :x:
list :white_check_mark: mdc.list
menu :white_check_mark: mdc.menu
radio :white_check_mark: mdc.radio
ripple :white_check_mark: mdc.ripple
select :white_check_mark: mdc.select
slider :x:
snackbar :white_check_mark: mdc.snackbar
switch :white_check_mark: mdc.switch
tabs :white_check_mark: mdc.tabs
textfield :white_check_mark: mdc.textfield
theme :white_check_mark: SCSS & CSS only
toolbar :x:
typography :white_check_mark: SCSS & CSS only

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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