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Bundle is an Out-of-the-box solution which is intended to work in browser by including script tag on the web page. Findify compiles bundle.js, includes store configuration for merchants and serves this file from private CDN.

In the case you like to manage everything by your self - check how we setting environment in the @findify/cli package

Development 🚀

yarn build:dll # Build DLL once you changed deps.
yarn start # Run devserver on http://localhost:3000

Variables 🔓

__MERCHANT_API_KEY__ # Store API key
__MERCHANT_VERSION__ # Bundle version
__MERCHANT_CSS__ # Path to custom CSS file
__INCLUDE_POLYFILL__ # Should use polyfill or not
__ENVIRONMENT__ 'prod|stage' # Environment
__DISABLE_SENTRY__ # Should report errors to Findify
__SENTRY_ENABLED__ # Same as above
__MERCHANT_ID__ # ID of merchant

License (MIT) 🎁

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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