A library of client proxies for various ft platform apis


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A library of client proxies for use with various APIs used by KAT.

KAT (Knowledge & administration tools) is an ft.com application created for Financial Times B2B clients.

Getting started

$ git clone git@github.com:Financial-Times/kat-client-proxies.git

Standard next app make tasks apply:

make intall make .env make test

Whenever you are adding a new client proxies, for maintenance don't forget to include it in the list in the end of this README.


$ npm test will by default use the mocked APIs and associated fixtures. In some cases it is possible to test against the actual APIs by setting the following environment variables:


Where USER_UUID is a valid user uuid on FT.com and LICENCE_UUID is the uuid of the licence associated with USER_UUID. Feel free to approach KAT team via #ft-syndikat slack channel if you have any questions.


This module has been created to be included throughout other KAT components.

How to update a repo that uses the module to the new version

If you want to update connected components with the latest version, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new repository release on GitHub. Please follow naming convention of previous releases.
  2. Go to package.json file of the component you want to update, and change "kat-client-proxies" dependency version to the newly released one.

The following KAT components are currently using kat-client-proxies:

How to use the module

Installation guide

Include "kat-client-proxies": "financial-times/kat-client-proxies#v[LATEST_RELEASE_VERSION]" as a dependency in your package.json. Information about the latest version.


In your application wherever you would like to use kat-client-proxies include the path to the code you want to use:

//... your app code
const [moduleName] = require('kat-client-proxies').[moduleName];
// ... and then e.g.

Current proxies

  • accessLicenceClient
  • acquisitionCtxClient
  • clientErrors
  • elasticSearchClient
  • emailNotification
  • facetsClient
  • kinesisClient
  • licenceDataClient
  • myFTClient
  • sessionClient
  • syncUserFollows
  • userProfileClient

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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