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Wotan processor for Vue Single File Components (SFC)

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Make sure to also read the full documentation of all available modules.


Enable wotan to lint *.vue files. This works by extracting the <script> content of a single file component and feeding that into TypeScript. The lang attribute is respected and defaults to js if not present. You can use every language TypeScript supports (currently js, jsx, ts, tsx). It even works with type checking.


npm install --save-dev @fimbul/wotan @fimbul/ve
# or
yarn add -D @fimbul/wotan @fimbul/ve


Use as processor in your config:

  - files: "*.vue"
    processor: "@fimbul/ve"

There's also a configuration preset you can extend. This preset comes without any enabled rules and just provides the processor for *.vue files as described above.

  - "@fimbul/ve"


Apache-2.0 © Klaus Meinhardt

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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