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Fashion Content Platform - JavaScript SDK

Getting started


with NPM

npm install --save @fashioninsights-zalando/fcp-client

with Yarn

yarn add @fashioninsights-zalando/fcp-client


Content Insights Client

import { ContentInsightsClient } from '@fashioninsights-zalando/fcp-client'

const client = ContentInsightsClient({ host: 'http://fcp-host/', tenantID: 'MY_FCP_TENANT_ID' })

Influencers Client

import { InfluencersClient } from '@fashioninsights-zalando/fcp-client'

const client = InfluencersClient({ host: 'http://fcp-host/', tenantID: 'MY_FCP_TENANT_ID' })

Fashion Store Client

import { FashionStoreSearchDataClient } from '@fashioninsights-zalando/fcp-client'

const client = FashionStoreSearchDataClient({ host: 'http://fcp-host/', tenantID: 'MY_FCP_TENANT_ID' })


  1. Building
  • Run yarn to get the project's dependencies
  • Run yarn run build to produce minified version.
  1. Development mode
  • Having all the dependencies installed run yarn run dev. This command will generate an non-minified version and will run a watcher so you get the compilation on file change.
  1. Running the tests
  • Run yarn run test


  • yarn run build - produces production version under the lib folder
  • yarn run dev - produces development version and runs a watcher
  • yarn run test - well ... it runs the tests :)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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