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bunyan-syslog is a stream for bunyan that consumes raw records from bunyan and sends them to a remote syslog server.


npm install -S @farmersdog/bunyan-syslog


This fork is compliant with RFC 5424. It supports Structured Data component in messages as well as TLS over TCP.

Local syslog bindings have been removed.


var bunyan = require('bunyan');
var bsyslog = require('bunyan-syslog');

var log = bunyan.createLogger({
  name: 'foo',
  streams: [{
    level: 'debug',
    type: 'raw',
    stream: bsyslog.createBunyanStream({
      type: 'tcp',
      tls: true,
      data: '[structured data]'
      facility: bsyslog.local0,
      host: '',
      port: 514

log.debug({ foo: 'bar' }, 'hello %s', 'world');

That's pretty much it. You create a syslog stream, and point it at a syslog server (UDP by default; you can use TCP by setting type: tcp in the constructor).

Note you must pass type: 'raw' to bunyan in the top-level stream object or this won't work.


This module maps bunyan levels to syslog levels as follows:

| Bunyan | Syslog |
| fatal  | emerg  |
| error  | error  |
| warn   | warn   |
| info   | info   |
| *      | debug  |



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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