Sitemap - Spool for Fabrix to generate Sitemaps through a common API


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Sitemap for Fabrix Apps. Creates a sitemap.xml available at /sitemap.xml, and rebuilds on a cron schedule.


$ npm install --save @fabrix/spool-sitemap


Require the spool

// config/main.ts
import { SitemapSpool } from '@fabrix/spool-sitemap'
export const main = {
  spools: [
    // ... other spools

Configure the spool

// config/sitemap.ts
export const sitemap = {
  host: 'https://<hostname>',
  cache: 1000000

Run the Build Cronjob

// config/engine
crons_config: {
  auto_schedule: true,
  uptime_delay: 180,
  profiles: {
    development: [

Creating a Sitemap

Sitemaps are created in the /api/sitemaps. Create one or many methods that return a Promise and array like the one below. Under the hood, Sitemap uses Sitemap for more examples on acceptable returns.

The sitemap is broken into methods so that it can deliver multiple sitemaps if necessary and break them up accordingly.

import { Sitemap } from '@fabrix/spool-sitemap')

export class TestSitemap extends Sitemap {
  test() {
    return Promise.resolve([
      { url: '/page-1/',  changefreq: 'daily', priority: 0.3 },
      { url: '/page-2/',  changefreq: 'monthly',  priority: 0.7 },
      { url: '/page-3/', img: 'http://urlTest.com' }

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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