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Generic Email Provider for Mandrillapp.com supplied by Spool-generics.

Looking for Spool-Generics?


$ npm install --save @fabrix/generics-mandrill


// config/generics.ts
export const generics = {
  // make the key mandrill, alternatively make the key email_provider to be the default email provider
  mandrill: {
      adapter: require('@fabrix/generic-mandrill').MandrillGeneric,
      config: {
          // Mandrill API key
          key: process.env.MANDRILL_APIKEY,
          // Host name for sending eg. cali-style.com
          host: process.env.MANDRILL_HOST,
          // Protocol for sending eg. https or http
          protocol: process.env.MANDRILL_PROTOCOL,
          // The ReplyTo field in Mandrill templates
          reply_to: process.env.MANDRILL_REPLY_TO

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