Maps a collection of things that may be functions over a value


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Maps a collection of things that may be functions over a value. Like over, but allows for the possibility that some things in the collection are not functions.


$ npm install @f/maybe-over


Example, a hover component:

var maybeOver = require('@f/maybe-over')

function render ({children, state}) {
  children = maybeOver(state.hovering, children)

  return (
        maybeOver(state.hovering, children)


maybeOver(value, maybeFns)

  • value - The value you want to call the functions in maybeFns with
  • maybeFns - A list of items. If the value in the list is a function, it will be executed with value as its first argument.

Returns: The result of executing all the functions in maybeFns on value, and just returning the other values in maybeFns.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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