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Evo package, that controls all data mutations that are common for chat (message send, history, read counters etc), provides simple api and bunch of utils. It based on swindonJS library, that manages WS connection. All request/response formats are handling by Besida.


npm install --save -E @evo/chat-core

Basic Usage

import { Swindon } from 'swindon';
import { 
} from '@evo/chat-core';
import { Config } from './path/to/core/config';
const { KOMORA_URL } = Config.data.appState

const swindonObj = Swindon('/ws');

const besida = new Besida(swindonObj, BESIDA_ROLE_COMPANY, KOMORA_URL, IS_DEBUG);

besida.registerHandler('message', (topic, message) => action());
besida.registerHandler('error', (_, error) => action());

await besida.connect();

await besida.chatList();

Till that time, u will have besida.store filled with chats data. Basicly store is readonly propety, dont try to change it, mutation will be cleared, after first interaction with ws. One more thing about store, is that is in immutableJS, so it's convenient to use with Redux and similar rendering technologies. You can provide, mutableStore=true, so it becomes plain js object, but it doesn't mean u can mutate it. Utils, works only with mutable store for now, will be improved with nearest minor version.

Send message

const currentChatRoom = besida.store.get(['chats']).first();

await besida.sendMessage(
    currentChatRoom.get('room_ident'), msgBody, platfrom, source, device

Try - catch block is unnesessary, all errors from Besida will go in ur callback error function.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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