Helper for predictable usage of sequelize transactions


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Install dependecies

  • make sure you are in the project folder root
npm install -g yarn
yarn install

Install the library

Open Terminal (CMD + Space, search terminal) and type the following commands

curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.33.8/install.sh | bash
nvm install 8.9.0
nvm use default 8.9.0
npm install -g @everreal/automation-scripts

Run the cli scripts

# Create a listing in QA - make sure to put a valid "listingId"
everreal-generate-demo-data --listingId='27d955c3-7fc7-4821-b60d-01b7b2ad4ef6' --emailPattern='djerboua+{0}@gmail.com'
everreal-generate-multiple-applications --listingId='27d955c3-7fc7-4821-b60d-01b7b2ad4ef6' --count=300 --emailPattern='djerboua+{0}@gmail.com'
everreal-generate-multiple-candidates --listingId='a7b22242-53bd-461a-8144-dd53bd9e0b07' --count=300 --emailPattern='djerboua+{0}@gmail.com'

# Create a listing in develop
NODE_ENV=develop everreal-generate-demo-data --listingId='27d955c3-7fc7-4821-b60d-01b7b2ad4ef6' --emailPattern='djerboua+{0}@gmail.com'

# Create a listing in Production
NODE_ENV=production everreal-generate-demo-data --listingId='27d955c3-7fc7-4821-b60d-01b7b2ad4ef6' --emailPattern='djerboua+{0}@gmail.com'

# Send email of a specific type to multiple email IDs
everreal-send-email --email-enum=CANDIDATE_AUTOMATIC_INVITATION_FOR_STEP1 --emails='liviu+1@ignat.email, liviu+2@ignat.email'

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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