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  • IEsdlService (how to call the ESDL service, the controller)
  • IEsdlDatasourcePlugin (talks to the repository/datasource) { init(config: IEsdlConfig); }
  • IEsdlQuery
  • IEsdlConfig

Implemented functionality

  • toESDL (as xml / json as option)
  • fromESDL (input in xml)
  • validateESDL
  • toGeoJSON
  • EsdlQueryParser (get Energy system from REGION REGION_ID aggregate by SUB-REGION filter by TIME_PERIOD)
  • fromMapping(mapping, data, transformers?): ESDL (as JSON object)
  • XSD schema
  • TypeScript generated ESDL classes/interfaces

Processing data

GET -> convert query to query object -> select data -> perform mapping of 'columns' -> perform mapping to ESDL object -> return ESDL object

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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