esdl is a command line utility for converting datasources to ESDL.


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Helper utilities for command line


esdl --generate config.json data.csv

Debugging examples

$ λ node dist\cli.js

@ESDL/CLI, v0.0.1
  MIT license.
  esdl-csv is a command line utility for parsing CSV files and converting them to ESDL.
  -i, --input String      CSV data file to read.
  -g, --generate String   Configuration file.
  -o, --output String     The output file to log to. Default value is the topic name plus extension.
  -h, --help Boolean      Show help text.

  01. Process CSV file.   $ esdl data.csv
  02. Process CSV file.   $ esdl --generate config.json data.csv
$ node dist\cli.js data.csv
Do your thing on config.json...

$ node dist\cli.js --generate configuration.json data.csv
Do your thing on configuration.json...

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