A set of scripts for creating Vue.js files


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This is an attempt to increase my personal development experience.

This is a tool that will add a handful of node scripts

  • vue-helper-component - creates a component using a single file design.
  • vue-helper-filter - creates a filter class in the filters folder.
  • vue-helper-module - creates a module with Vuex dependency.
  • vue-helper-model - creates a model.
  • vue-helper-service - creates a service with vue-inject dependency.
  • vue-helper-view - creates a view with vue-tidyroutes dependency.

these can be accessed via the shell from the project folder. You should modify your package.json to include the following.

"scripts": {
    "view": "vue-helper-view",
    "component": "vue-helper-component",
    "filter": "vue-helper-filter",
    "module": "vue-helper-module",
    "model": "vue-helper-model",
    "service": "vue-helper-service",
            "mixin": "vue-helper-mixin"

When you run this for the first time, all templates are copied into the project directory so you can modify them yourself. extensions are dynamic based on the file. and indexfile.

replacement1 and replacemen2 are used to inject into the index file on subsequent uses.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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