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sugar is a library for manipulating and accessing the DOM. It does not bundle any commands. It is only a collection of modules.


sugar is available as an npm package. You can install it via the npm package @ephox/sugar

Install from npm

npm install @ephox/sugar


sugar is the base DOM library used in many projects. It has an API which is broken up into seven main packages. Do not use any modules directly that are not in an api package.

dom: mostly handles inserting, appending, and manipulating individual DOM nodes. events: handles DOM events and listeners node: handles different types of nodes such as comments, elements, and text nodes properties: handles reading, writing, and removing style properties, attributes, and values search: handles searching for DOM nodes based on selectors, predicates, and DOM position selection: handles browser ranges and selection tag: handles specialised HTML tags like option and select view: handles scrolling, visibility, and measurements

Running Tests

sugar uses bedrock to run tests. This is packaged as a dev dependency of sugar. To run the tests, use:

$ yarn test

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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