This project implements the table model.


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snooker is a project that implements the table model.


snooker is available as an npm package. You can install it via the npm package @ephox/snooker

Install from npm

npm install @ephox/snooker


CellLocation: The CellLocation ADT is used to represent a cell when navigating. CellMutations: A collection of cell mutations to perform on cells when an operation has occured. CopyRows: Used to duplicate DOM rows of selected cells. Generators: Provides methods for generating new rows and cells for table operations. Picker: Used to a table picker UI. PickerDirection: Used to set the picker UI to be LTR or RTL. ResizeDirection: Provides LTR and RTL options for resize bar directions. ResizeWire: Used to provide a means with which to create resizers for either inline or iframe modes of editors. Sizes: Provides a means with which to redistribute cell sizes of tables. TableContent: Merges the contents of cells. TableDirection: Provides functionality related to the directionality of a table. TableFill: Provides methods for creating new rows and cells for table operations. TableLookup: Provides methods such as querying a table cell for it's owner row or table. TableOperations: Provides methods for modifying a table such as adding rows or deleting columns. TableRender: Creates a table. TableResize: Provides resize events for the resize bars.


snooker uses bedrock to run tests.

Running Tests

$ yarn test-manual $ yarn test

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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