Large-screen/TV support library for Enact, containing a variety of UI components.


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@enact/moonstone npm (scoped)

The set of components for an Enact-based application targeting smart TVs.


import kind from '@enact/core/kind';
import Button from '@enact/moonstone/Button';
import MoonstoneDecorator from '@enact/moonstone/MoonstoneDecorator';
import React from 'react';

const MyApp = kind({
    name: 'MyApp',
    render: () => (<Button>Hello, Enact!</Button>)

const MyMoonstoneApp = MoonstoneDecorator(MyApp);

export default MyMoonstoneApp;

Note: The moonstone decorator must be applied to the base component. This decorator also applies @enact/i18n/I18nDecorator, @enact/spotlight and @enact/ui/resolution decorators.


npm install --save @enact/moonstone


Tests are implemented in mocha and are run with the Karma runner.

npm test

Let's create your own Moonstone App

The Enact CLI itself can install the moonstone template via NPM or git URI.

enact template install @enact/template-moonstone

Once installed, you can specify the moonstone template during new application creation:

enact create -t moonstone MyApp

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